And sent her stretched body into a paroxysm of pain

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“My name is Hassan Sayiid,” her interrogator repeated once again.
“Shiva … Shiva Shamir …” It was little more than a rough croak but it was the best she could manage. She could not understand her own voice but apparently it was enough for the filthy bastard, because his lips now parted in a wider smile.
“Very nice, Shiva … to hold a cultured conversation between two civilized people you should have already introduced yourself!”
“Suspended naked and tortu2red with electric shocks is NOT a cultured conversation for civilized people!”
BRRRZZZLLL … The possibility that these arrogant words would provoke more tortu2re only occurred to Shiva when the electricity tore into the nerve endings of her vagina and sent her stretched body into a paroxysm of pain. She screamed.
“And this young man, with whom you will spend a lot of time today, is called Tarib. Just how much time is entirely up to you.”
He gestured to the tortu2rer, who was standing in front of her, the two cleats held terrifyingly close to her nipple. The most frightening thing for Shiva was that he did not look at her beautiful breasts with the desire to lick and suck her nipples, but instead with the same interest and intensity of a heroin addict eying an overdue fix. It angered her to the point she collected all the remaining saliva in her mouth and spitting it right between the stupidly narrowed eyes.

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