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Tregau’s only source of revenue was it’s extensive network of brothels…

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Island brothel of the sisters Chang
The female brothel owners referred to as the Chang Sisters consisted actually of Grandma Chang, daughter Miya and granddaughter Niyo. Together, they were a major cog in the criminal underworld that dominated the tiny, independent island nation of Tregau. Tregau’s only source of revenue was it’s extensive network of brothels, low-level gambling and smuggling. Located not far from China, now one of the few stable nations, it had managed to escape Chinese justice only by skillfully pandering to American and Western paranoia toward the emerging Asian giant. Now in this new global chaos, the island’s criminal elite had already begun to stow their ill-gotten gains in overseas banks and financial institutions; sooner or later, they knew that China would likely move to remove Tregau’s troublesome stain from the area – with it’s neighbors’ full approval.
But for bottom-scraping criminals like the Chang Sisters, fleeing was not an realistic consideration. Their sole option, they decided, was to make as much money as they could and flee to whatever safe haven when the Chinese came to clean things up. Ever clever, the Changs arranged to employ their Western contacts to spread rumors that Western women might find a welcoming refuge, free food and support in Tregau – with the Changs’ contact phones and addresses included, of course…

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Vicky screamed like a banshee as her stepfather…

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Vicky screamed like a banshee as her stepfather, Victor, began viciously pulling her up by the tits again! His fingers sank into her tender breast flesh like he was kneading dough, and he made sure to dig his fingernails into her nipples and aerolas at every opportunity.
“Ughhhnnnn! Please… Let me off! Please…” Vicky pleaded.
Vicky’s thighs were trembling so hard that the sweat and cum pouring down them was flying off them like a spray. Her pussy was hovering above a vicious edge of wood. Her labia were dark red, even purple in some spots, from where she’d been forced to sit her entire bodyweight down on the wood. She’d been dancing this agonizing dance for nearly an hour now. Whenever the part of her pussy crushed against the wood would finally begin to go numb, Victor lifted her off the edge by her tits…
The only response Vicky’s mother gave her though, was a satisfied moan as she continued stroking her clit.
“Oh god, oh god, oh god!”
Vicky started hyper ventilating as she slowly began to lower herself down again…

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Western girls in the new world order

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Judge Ibuto
Judge Ibuto was one of the high-ranking powers behind the ruthless junta that ruled the mid-sized Third World country referred to as the Northern African Republic, a previously-ignored backwater. While it may still be backwater, it could no longer be ignored: recent discoveries of rich veins of uranium and minerals now made it important both to the struggling West and most other nations anxious to get access to what the Northern African Republic had to offer. So whatever the NAR wanted to do or however it ran it’s internal affairs was it’s own business – and that also included how it chose to deal with the hordes of Western refugees who sought relief inside it’s borders.
The Judge was one of those who was taking pleasure in dealing with Western refugees. Especially the pretty young females. The sprawling dungeons beneath his huge, guarded home contained cells that held almost fifty of the better-looking white girls that he came across.

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The pair of men gazed at them like wolves preparing for the hunt…

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Lorenzo and Jose were just in time to see a new batch of penitents being dragged into the quarry, their only clothing the numbers hung around their necks. The pair of men gazed at them like wolves preparing for the hunt.
“Ah, what do we have here…” Lorenzo said, pulling a slender brunette girl out of the line of slaves. He grabbed one of the girl’s nipples between his knuckles, crushing and twisting it.
“Urrrghhh….” The girl squeaked, struggling to hold back the tears welling in her eyes. Her name was Amy and even though she’d only been here two days, she knew that crying and begging would only inflame the man’s passion. She’d heard the screaming and how it had only increased as the men causing it became even more cruel.
“Mmmmm, a tough one. I like breaking the tough ones. What do you think Jose? Is she worth the time?” Lorenzo asked.
Jose stepped up behind her and roughly shoved his cock between her naked, trembling pussy lips. He groaned in pleasure as her warm folds enveloped the head of his cock, and the girl’s squealing as she felt it twitching at the entrance to her hole only made him growl in her ear.

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The Inquisition Part 1

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The Inquisition Part 1

“Mmm… heh heh heh… that was a good appetizer, but now it’s time for the main course! There’s nothing better than getting first taste at a world class piece!” Brother Leo bent down and his eyes lewdly raked between Becky’s widely and crudely spread legs. Brother Leo grinned lasciviously and licked his chops like a wolf examining little red riding hood… Poor Becky’s face was still flushed from shame, humiliation, and her burning lungs.
“Spread those legs, Cuntmeat! Do it! Of course, if you don’t want to cooperate, I could always face fuck that nicely open mouth of yours…” Brother Leo said, his voice oozing with a sinister leer.
Trembling, her mind and mouth still reeling from the awful sexual assault she’d endured, poor Becky did as she was told. Her soft, milky thighs quivered as she parted them. “Further… further…” Brother Leo said, his grin widening as he watched Becky strain as far as her bondage would allow, doing everything she could to please this sadistic monster. If it meant not getting choked by his enormous bull cock, Becky would do it. She could still taste his ball sweat and shaft stew in her mouth, and the taste made her want to vomit!
Stupid Becky didn’t know there was far, far worse than being forced to choke on an unwashed monk’s sinning steeple…


The girl screamed, not just from the brutal tugging…

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The marquis de sade’s friend
tim richards
The Lord Caine provided many a “useful” service to his peers and fellow noblemen throughout the countryside. Among those services, which included such things such as procurement and training, was his most requested of all: obedience training! There were, after all, many a farmgirl or arrogant maid who thought herself above the “invitations” of their lords and masters. Many of these girls needed to be taught an awful reality: that they were nothing more than pieces of meat to be used as their betters saw fit!
“Not so tough now, are you?” one of Lord Caine’s friends, Lord Krebs, asked, clutching at a milkmaid Sylvia’s hair so tightly, he almost ripped it from her scalp! The girl screamed, not just from the brutal tugging on her hair but also from the hot wax dripping down upon her tender flesh! Her lord and master, Lord Krebs, merely laughed. “I bet you felt quite high and mighty when you doused me with your milk pail! But now look at you! I bet it doesn’t feel so good being covered in ‘milk’ now does it?”
The maid Sylvia huffed and puffed and glared at her lord and master, Lord Krebs. “Go to hell!” she shouted, struggling wildly against her bondage.

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Time for you to pay for being a dirty young whore…

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The civil servant
“Faster you bitch come on move it,” he flicked the whip against the cheeks of her bottom compelling to grater effort, “that’s it give me a good show.” Crying bitterly the girl continued to ride the huge cock, it was hard for her to decide which was worse the sting of the whip or the painful stretching of the walls of her cunt.
“All right bitch you’ve had enough fun,” he said finally, “time for you to pay for being a dirty young whore.” He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up lifting her clear of the dildo, which left her body with a loud sucking plop.
He dragged the stool from beneath her and then uncoiled the whip to its full length. Standing back he took his measure, this was something he prided himself on, giving a good whipping, it was something he felt he had some skill at, as it was a talent he had practised before on previous visits to the hall with other unfortunate young women. He let the whip fly out but not at the girl. It whistled a though the air, then with a flick of his wrist he produced a loud crack that sounded like a gunshot in the close confines of the room. The girl jumped visibly.

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You’ll learn your place in this household…

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The marquis de sade’s friend
tim richards
“Be quiet, you insolent slut!” the masked lady in red shouted. “You’ll learn your place in this household! You dare to deny your lord and master the privilege of sucking his cock?! Then your bum will bear the consequences!”
Lord Caine smiled as he watched his wife beat the ever loving spirit out of this insolent little girl. He felt his cock grow hard as he thought of the new depths this little tart would go to avoid more pain. He imagined the soft feel of her lips as they quivered around his thick member, how her tongue would dance underneath his shaft, both from trained skill and fear of the consequences should she fail.
“I do hope you’re paying attention, girl…” one of the more “experienced” slavegirls, marked by her mobcap bonnet, said, holding the onlooking, bound slavegirl in place. “This is what happens to those who disobey the orders of our Lord… he turns them over to his lady, the Lady Treble, and she makes short work of them…”

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He struck her hard, across her bottom…

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His other hand rose, then, slap! He struck her hard, across her bottom. “Owww! … Oooo!” she yelped, taken by surprise.
Pleased by her reaction, he inflicted another slap on her pump tempting target, then another. He set about spanking the helpless girl in earnest, slapping her buttocks hard bringing tears to her eyes whilst all the while is other hand fingered her cunt.
“Naughty, naughty,” he chided her, “push your pussy into my hand”. Driven by the slapping of her bottom Judy thrust her hips forward, offering her cunt to his probing fingers that delved into the slit, frigging her.
“I think this dirty little pussy deserves some cock, but not mine I’m afraid. If you are a good girl I will fuck you later, but for now I think it is time we made use of this nice toy I ordered for you,” he indicated to the stool, with its monstrous protrusion.

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Surely you won’t forget this favor…

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The marquis de sade’s friend
tim richards
“As you can see, Father, we’ve procured that naughty, teasing tartlet… just as you’ve requested!” the Lord Caine explained, a malevolent grin crossing his face as he swept his hand across the helpless nun squirming and moaning wantonly atop the fine table.
“Oh… oh my…” the priest said, his eyes growing wide at the same time as his cock grew rock hard in his pants. One of the lord’s slavegirls, ever watchful, knelt down and obediently started rubbing the priest’s crotch, causing the holy man to let out a strangled moan of absolute lust as he looked at the teasing nun being brutally ass fucked with her own haughty, holy ornament.
“She was a fighter she was, claiming she was married to The Lord, but we all know how much of a tease she was. Even her own robes could not hide her own wanton lusts and whoring body! Consider this… a gift, from me to the Church. Surely you won’t forget this favor…” the Lord Caine said, knowingly watching the priest’s eyes bulge in their sockets as the nun suddenly started speaking…

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Tourist – UK Tourists Julianna 20, and Catherine 33

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Tourist - UK Tourists Julianna 20, and Catherine 33

Disappeared while touring East Africa Republic: Although they had been hearing the warnings concerning the possible dangers of traveling through certain areas of Eastern Africa, sisters Catherine and Julianna had decided that the extremely low travel and lodging rates offered to tourists visiting the small, emerging country called the East Africa Republic was a deal just too good to pass up. Sure, there were the many reports of religious warfare in the outer provinces and the occasional anti-governmental riots and demonstrations; but the regime there, backed by Western interests, seemed to have things under relative control. Besides, the online tourist information sites listed the E.A.R. as having hotels and resorts ranked among the best 4-star facilities in the world. Word was that there would be few problems if tourists limited their activities to areas around the larger towns and the cities. More at Mad BDSM Art.
But Julianna and Catherine, being more robust and adventurous than the usual tourists, just couldn’t resist the lure of exploring the real, genuine aspects of the country; they hired themselves a car with four-wheel drive and employed a trusty-looking and helpful African guide named Tajni. Tanji looked somewhat imposing with his face anointed tribal scars, but he spoke English very well and had the nicest smile. Surely, they would discover more interesting things outside the country’s metropolitan areas.

Black Star – Outposts

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Black Star - Outposts

The outposts were full of people who had made the Emperor very angry. That included all the women he had grown weary of, sometimes after just a few weeks…
The outposts were situated all over the asteroid ring known as the Ringstone. They were border stations, once again needed in the fight against the Doregos, a huge-cocked species which the Black Planet captured and used to penetrate rebel slaves. Recently the Black Planet had also got involved in fighting a new generation of Xagian rebels, among them the female warrior sect of Raxa. It was rumored that the Raxians were the secret sect that had captured and abused him when he was young. They were highly organized fighters and they used their sexual powers to attract specialized weapons engineers from different parts of the galaxy, kidnapping them if necessary. Raxians launched the most effective and most coordinated attacks on the Black Empire. More at BDSM Photos 24/7 It was said that they sometimes castrated captured soldiers, although this rumor could never be confirmed.

Urban brothel sexslaves

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Urban brothel sexslaves

It was time for Tara to earn a little extra money for the Guzman Brothel with her owned pussy. The Senora had arranged to invite a half-dozen of her more valued male customers over to meet and sample what Tara had to offer. Senora Guzman liked to put on small orgies in order to show off her newest slaves; a very effective marketing tool, indeed.
Among all the other new slaves, it was the American Tara who seemed to become the favorite that night As Senora Guzman looked on with stern approval, each of her stiff-dicked guest’s grunted his appreciation of Tara’s most-abnormal snug slave pussy. The young slave-whore sobbed and cried as her fit body shook from the hard thrusts from the several cocks so eager to try to do their best to be the one that made her unable to take any more. The blond American slave girl did her slavish best to use her legs and hips to grind back at them as they fucked her; her fevered bucking working to cause them explode their cum up from their balls. As Tara labored under each man who topped her one by one as she lay on the stained mattress alongside the other slave girls chosen for the occasion. For the first, Tara truly became a fucktoy….


Fear is an important part of breaking a girl

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Fear is an important part of breaking a girl

Fear is an important part of breaking a girl. You have to get her to think about you all the time, even when you’re not there. The anticipation is what really makes her mind crumble. Or hell, maybe I just like watching them shiver and cry.
I creaked the door slowly open. Instantly, she tried to twist her head around. She couldn’t see me of course. All she could see was my shadow, falling over her.
I just stood there for several moments. I enjoyed the way my dark shadow fell across her white skin. As if my shadow alone was claiming ownership over her body. I enjoyed the way she writhed back and forth in terror at the mere sight of my shadow. I guess I’ve always been a poet at heart.
Her body was stiff; ever inch of her naked flesh, attentive to me, trying to figure out what I was going to do to her today. As if there was anything she could do. Sometimes I just open the door and stand here, and then I close it and walk away. Just to fuck with her head. Not today though. Full story at 3D Interracial
I took a step inside and she burst out crying. I was instantly hard. I had so much power! Such total control over this hot little piece of ass! Was it really just last week that she was some cock-teasing little college freshman? I remember the smug look on her face as she walked past all the guys who drooled just to look at her. She used to think she such a big deal. Look at her now, afraid of my shadow.

Black Star – Steel eels

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Black Star - Steel eels

The rules of the Emperor’s harem were based on pain and pleasure. They were implacable. Every so often the mature women were purged. This was done by a series of harem regeneration tests known as the “Maturalias”. The oldest women, all of them over 40 years old, were subjected to severe tests to establish if they were still worth a place in the harem. In these tests they had to show their worth as the Emperor’s concubine in tests of pain resistance, sexual skills and ability to withstand severe penetration.
Those who failed the tests were condemned to spending the rest of their days in much-feared confinement centers, or were made to participate in the Pain Festival. In this festival the Emperor’s concubines were submitted to the cruelest punishments purely to satisfy the whims of the Great Master of the Empire, as the Emperor now called himself. Those who were able to withstand all kinds of humiliating abuse were allowed to stay in the harem.
The Pain Festival is the high point of the Maturalias. Pain is administered in a special arena known as the Painkorror. It is full of the most blood-chilling instruments of torture. Most of the spectators are the cruel inhabitants of the Black Planet, who sit on the terraces drooling over the horrendous torture sessions. The Emperor Helmekios sits on his sacred throne, surrounded by female slaves who have passed the tests and who are allowed to serve him with their glistening naked bodies.

He seemed to transform into another person, it was scary

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He seemed to transform into another person, it was scary

My name is Jennifer Flores, and I live in my boyfriend’s closest. Or… he used to be my boyfriend. I guess it’s fair to think of us as “broken up” these days. I mean, not only does he keep my locked up in here, all day, every day; but I am pretty sure he’s seeing other women.
The weird thing is, I didn’t see it coming at all. We’d been together for over a year, and he was the best boyfriend I ever had. He took me to dinner, he bought me flowers, and he even asked me to move in with him.
The only time in our whole relationship that he ever really seemed to get mad at me was when I tried to go down into the basement. He always kept the basement locked up; he said it was his “private space” and I was never supposed to go down there. The one time I tried to sneak in, he screamed at me. He seemed to transform into another person, it was scary.
But that was just one time, and so I didn’t think about it much. I decided I just needed to “give him space” and leave the basement alone. After all, he was a great boyfriend. He was handsome, he drove a nice car, and the sex was by far the best sex I ever had.
Then one day, out of nowhere, he grabbed me by my hair and dragged me down into the basement. He didn’t even have drug me or trick me or anything, he just grabbed and pulled. I never saw it coming. More stories at Rude Comics

Masterpieces just-kidnapped slavegirls – She was never seen again

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Masterpieces just-kidnapped slavegirls - She was never seen again

“Okay, Michelle, you can do this.” Michelle said to herself as she walked into the lesbian bar. She wasn’t gay, but she wanted to join the most popular sorority at her university and this was her pledge. The other sisters would be at a booth watching, and it was Michelle’s job to seduce the oldest and ugliest woman she could find. It didn’t take long to find her.
Gretchen was huge and going on sixty, with huge sagging tits and a face that was drooped in a permanent scowl.
“Hi,” Michelle said, stepping up to the bar.
“Well hello there, little one.” Gretchen said, here dry wrinkled lips peeling back to reveal her yellowed, chipped teeth.
Michelle nearly threw up in her mouth at the sight, but kept the bile down.
“Look, I’ve…I’ve never done this before…” Michelle said.
“Oh, don’t worry dear, we all had to start somewhere. So you haven’t had your face wrapped in soaking wet slit yet?”
Michelle was taken aback by the woman’s vulgarity, and she’d almost stopped right there…if only she had.

Schooling for slaves – A happy crew in the training school’s cargo arrival room

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Schooling for slaves - A happy crew in the training school's cargo arrival room

The men who worked the training schools’ locked and very secure cargo arrival departments tended to be underpaid and sometimes overworked; but that didn’t necessarily mean that they were unhappy, though… After all, one of the benefits of working that department was especially-selected newly arrived captive girls being readily accessible to each worker for his use. Nothing better for one of these working men to be able fuck and abuse a new slavegirl in any way he chose for a few days and nights before she was taken away to join the other arrivals for the regular training regimen. And after that, there would be yet another crying and begging slave selected to take her place.
At the moment, the Cargo Worker named Drago was holding his latest selection, Diane, tightly as he began further positioning her on one of the soiled mattresses that lined the walls of the Arrival Room. “Hmmm….”, Drago grunted as his erect dick rubbed against Diane’s naked, spanked backside. “I’m happy they choose you for me, bitch. I like fucking sweet-looking gals like you and you’re going to be spending a lot of time getting used to this big ol’ cock of mine. Of course, I might be hurting you a bit – but that’ll be mild compared what the trainers will be doing.”

I took a drag on my cigarette and blew smoke in her face

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I took a drag on my cigarette and blew smoke in her face

Monica looked up at me as I was counting the money. I took a drag on my cigarette and blew smoke in her face.
“I know, right?” I laughed. “Who would have thought you’d be worth so much money? Pasty little white girl like you. But that’s the Sheikh for you, he’s crazy about white cunt.”
I’d actually met Monica using online dating. Technology’s great. She had the same story as a dozen other girls I’d shipped off to the Sheikh. Grew up in a small town, Iowa or Nebraska or whatever. High School prom was over and now she was bored. The football player she’d dated in high school wasn’t good enough to be a football player in college and now, suddenly, her future prospects looked a lot less promising than they did when she was riding in a float during the old Homecoming parade.
Suddenly, I swoop in, on her Okcupid profile. Tall, rich, handsome stranger, who’d traveled to far off, exotic lands. These dumb sluts can’t wait to cheat on their boyfriends with me. I just flirt with them over messages a few times, make a quick phone call, so they can listen to my “deep, sexy voice,” then we meet up for our first “date.”
Then –Bam!!!! I’ve got ‘em drugged and in the trunk of my car before they know what hit them. By the time a girl wakes up, she’s naked, caged, gagged and on her way to the Sheikh’s palace.
My favorite part is the look they always give me. So hurt, so resentful. “I thought you were going to rescue me from my boring life,” they seem to say. “I thought you were going to sweep me off my feet and take me to a world of adventure and magic.”


Enemies of Rome – The blonde warrior

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Enemies of Rome - The blonde warrior

Drusila had never kept a brothel, but there were always whores following the gladiators from town to town, and over the years she had come to an agreement with some of them. She acted as an unofficial manager, arranging meetings with local officials or merchants in exchange for a cut in the profits. Now her idea was to prepare something special for the primus of the games, using men and women.
Recently a new consignment of slaves had arrived from the North Way. They were blonde, blue-eyed barbarians who fought very well. Their swords were always sharp because the many small tribes in that area were always fighting each other.
Drusila’s first thought was to hire female gladiators, who were proving popular with the crowds at that time. But she decided to do something a little different. She wanted a woman who was strong and skilful with weapons, but was also beautiful and sensual. At the end of the contest the blonde warrior would be fucked by all the gladiators. Her enforced orgasms would be impressive and powerful, Drusila thought. Where was the fun in watching a meek, submissive slave have an orgasm?
Drusila had learnt that a beautiful woman was in prison waiting to be crucified for murdering her Master. She went to the prison to take a look at her.

Jeanne, 21 – daughter of slain mobster (rejected)

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Jeanne, 21 - daughter of slain mobster (rejected)

Mr. Mousud’s breathing was a bit more rapid now as he continued to paw and grope at a terrified Jeanne’s body parts. “Mmmmm, you’ve got some nice tits on you,” he muttered as his crude fingers pinched and tugged rudely on the slave’s breasts. Hard to believe that an ugly, overgrown thug like your late father could produce such a beautiful girl like you! But, again, you do have quite a good-looking mother. She was one hell of a good fuck too! About twenty of us spent an entire night slamming our cocks in her before they took her away!
“But I’m glad I bought you! Buying and selling slaves is a hard business and you’re just the type of blond Western girl to keep around as my personal fucktoy! Maybe if you show me how grateful you are my buying you, I might do you a favor and buy your mummy too! That way, one of you can watch me fuck the other one! Hmmm, that’s sounds like a good idea. Would you like that?” Mousud’s ample cock twitched inside his pants at the thought.
“You know, it’s too bad your father not alive. It would have been so nice to see his face if I made your mother suck my cock and get it all big and stiff so that I could fuck you in the ass!”

Black Star – Tortured

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Black Star - Tortured

And so it was that Alizia, Queen Mother of the recently conquered planet of Rigula, offered her own body and that of her daughter to satisfy the lust of a space pirate.
The young mercenary Captain Varkonem, military leader of the Black Empire, fucked the Queen Mother and got a blowjob from her daughter, Queen Shaliba. As soon as he recovered he ordered the young Queen to her knees and made her suck him until he had another orgasm.
The young Queen was still a virgin in her cunt and he sent her to the Emperor as a gift. The aged Emperor took one look at her large floating breasts and welcomed her into his harem. In time she became his favorite and finally he named her Empress of the Black Star.
Life as Empress was not all good, however. Her husband was old and she was physically frustrated. She returned secretly to visit Captain Varkonem and they began a relationship. One day the Emperor caught them fucking. Varkonem killed him and proclaimed himself Emperor.
The Queen Mother Alizia suffered a different fate. She had been a military enemy and the decision was taken by a secret military council to punish her and humiliate her.

Masterpieces just-kidnapped slavegirls – His cock felt so good inside her

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Masterpieces just-kidnapped slavegirls - His cock felt so good inside her

Jennifer didn’t know that Mark was married, if only she’d known. He was so rich and handsome, he bought her all kinds of gifts, and his cock felt so good inside her. Then Mark’s wife found them together…
“So my husband says you wouldn’t let him fuck you up your ass. What, are you too good to let him fuck that pretty little ass?” That’s what she had asked as she was shoving the splintery wooden dildo up Jennifer’s ass, forcing her delicate sphincter to stretch further and further over the brutal wooden tip.
“I know what you’re thinking.” She said. “You thought Mark loved you, that he would protect you forever. Well unfortunately for you the only thing Mark has got going for him is a huge cock, which is the only reason I keep his stupid ass around. I make the money in the family, he just mooches off me like a fucking parasite. Of course I also get the added pleasure of torturing his girlfriends every time he fucks up, so you know it’s really not such a bad marriage. And like I said, that cock. It really is amazing isn’t it? I bet it got you all hot, huh? Well now I’m going to get you even hotter.”

Please let me be a slave girl instead

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Please let me be a slave girl instead

“Notice the electrodes attached to the pins,” added Rubio. “That’s a dead giveaway that this slut isn’t being trained for anything long term, can’t even use a contraption like this unless she’s immobile. She’s just here because it’s fun to watch her scream. She’ll be here until she dies.” Rubi hit a switch and electricity surged into the pins in her nipples. Sue Lin did indeed scream in agony. The group laughed at her for a few moments.
“Yes, questions?” said Rubio.
“Is there anything she can do to save her life?” asked someone in the group.
“Well…” said Rubio, reluctantly. Sue Lin’s ears pricked up at this. “Sometimes if a girl gives us very valuable information, she can be bumped over from the “torture-to-death” program to the “slave girl training program” but that’s very rare, I seriously doubt this bitch has any information worth knowing. Her main use is just for amusement. Let’s move the tour on.”
Sue Lin choked, barely able to pull air into her throat with the tight ropes constricting her windpipe.
“Wait!” she croaked. “I have information! I know all kinds of secret things my father did! Please let me be a slave girl instead, please don’t kill me! Wait!”
The tour group moved on as if they hadn’t heard her.
In his mind, Rubio had to complement the intelligence department. They sure knew how to fuck with a bitch’s head. After a few more days of torture, they’d finally get around to questioning Sue Lin, and they’d let her tell them everything she knew. If she had valuable intel, great! If not, she’d still be begging for a chance to be a slave girl. No matter what happened, they won.


Black Star – Helmek’s Triumph

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Black Star - Helmek's Triumph

Two days later, Captain Helmek Varkonem was crowned Emperor and took the dead Emperor’s wife Shaliba as his own wife. The lizards and worms on Madame Flera’s cunt had proved effective and she had confessed to murdering the Emperor. Inspector Mosko was pleased. He had been able to fuck her mouth while the long creatures bit her vagina, inside and out…
The enforced confession did not stop the interrogation sessions in the dungeons. Many equally innocent people were tortured and executed. Inspector Mosko personally supervised the interrogation of all Xagian women.
Some of the Counselors who had been close to the Emperor were executed, allegedly while trying to escape. Their wives and daughters were arrested and taken to a detention centre prior to being deported to the Ringstone. The most beautiful women were enslaved and kept for the Imperial Palace.
The dead Emperor’s heirs were accused of treason and were deported to Inderia, far beyond the Ringstone. Their craft exploded near Ring Seven, the final frontier. It was supposed they had been attacked by Dionian rebels who still controlled areas of the galaxy.
When Captain Helmek Varkonem held up the star-shaped black onyx that symbolized Imperial power, there was a buzz of protest from the assembly that soon became louder. People started shouting. Some nobles openly accused him of having no right to the scepter.
The Imperial Guard moved menacingly towards them, but Varkonem ordered them to stop. He took off all his clothes and showed them the birth mark that began on his penis. A gasp came up. It was the same mark as the one that Emperor Ancliones had shown them so often with pride. But on the Captain it flowed like a moving tattoo, snaking its way over his body…

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