Kayla’s summer break: Sex ed

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Kayla’s summer break: Sex ed.


After her long day being tormented by the boys at the pool in KSB4, Kayla falls into a restless sleep. Her mind slips from one wild fever dream to the next. In the only dream she will end up remembering in the morning, she is back in high school, but this time Tyler is there, and so is Jason, and so is Mark.

Hawke comes back to you with the infamous “Kayla’s summer break” series in this hot, heavy, and exciting episode! Watch as poor Kayla Parker descends deeper and deeper into the depths of depravity at the hands of these despicable delinquents! Only available at Hawke official website!

Bondage romances 2: Officer caught

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Bondage romances 2: Officer caught.


Meet John, a police officer who finds himself in a compromising situation. Desperate to hide his illicit dealings with a trafficker, he attempts to erase all evidence linking him to the criminal. However, his plans are thwarted when he encounters the striking and assertive Officer Nina. Confronted with a gun, John manages to subdue her. For the perky Nina, it is a horrific experience, but for John, it’s a dream come true.

Would she make peace with this new shocking discovery, or would she remain trapped in a losing battle? Uncover the answers in “Officer kidnapped,” an unforgettable masterpiece by Arctoss, only available at Arctoss official website!

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