Please use my disgusting body for your pleasure

October 27, 2017 at 5:02 pm, Category: Damian

Roman decadence
“Awww, feel my seed filling your filthy barbarian womb?” Arturo laughed, his body twitching as his cock shot his semen deep into her violated hole. “I hope you get pregnant whore. And I hope it’s a daughter so that when she comes of age, I can fuck her too, while you watch!”
“Arturo, please, not so loud. I can’t hear what this lovely girl is saying?” Legate Antonius said.
“Please my lord, my good Roman lord, let me service you! Let me give myself to you! I’m begging you! Please use my disgusting body for your pleasure!” The girl sobbed brokenly, trying to squirm away from Antonius who was brutally squeezing and twisting her tit in his hand.

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