Tregau’s only source of revenue was it’s extensive network of brothels…

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Island brothel of the sisters Chang
The female brothel owners referred to as the Chang Sisters consisted actually of Grandma Chang, daughter Miya and granddaughter Niyo. Together, they were a major cog in the criminal underworld that dominated the tiny, independent island nation of Tregau. Tregau’s only source of revenue was it’s extensive network of brothels, low-level gambling and smuggling. Located not far from China, now one of the few stable nations, it had managed to escape Chinese justice only by skillfully pandering to American and Western paranoia toward the emerging Asian giant. Now in this new global chaos, the island’s criminal elite had already begun to stow their ill-gotten gains in overseas banks and financial institutions; sooner or later, they knew that China would likely move to remove Tregau’s troublesome stain from the area – with it’s neighbors’ full approval.
But for bottom-scraping criminals like the Chang Sisters, fleeing was not an realistic consideration. Their sole option, they decided, was to make as much money as they could and flee to whatever safe haven when the Chinese came to clean things up. Ever clever, the Changs arranged to employ their Western contacts to spread rumors that Western women might find a welcoming refuge, free food and support in Tregau – with the Changs’ contact phones and addresses included, of course…

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