Western girls in the new world order

March 1, 2017 at 9:35 am, Category: BDSM Art, Hines

Judge Ibuto
Judge Ibuto was one of the high-ranking powers behind the ruthless junta that ruled the mid-sized Third World country referred to as the Northern African Republic, a previously-ignored backwater. While it may still be backwater, it could no longer be ignored: recent discoveries of rich veins of uranium and minerals now made it important both to the struggling West and most other nations anxious to get access to what the Northern African Republic had to offer. So whatever the NAR wanted to do or however it ran it’s internal affairs was it’s own business – and that also included how it chose to deal with the hordes of Western refugees who sought relief inside it’s borders.
The Judge was one of those who was taking pleasure in dealing with Western refugees. Especially the pretty young females. The sprawling dungeons beneath his huge, guarded home contained cells that held almost fifty of the better-looking white girls that he came across.

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