The inquisition 08

April 5, 2017 at 9:55 pm, Category: 3d, Agan Medon

agan medon
Inquisitor Francisco’s cock was still sore when Governor Lorenzo arrived at the Inquisiton’s headquarters the next day. After stretching out Elvira’s pussy with the wooden cock, the Governor and the Inquisitor fucking her every way they could. Francisco would whip her tits while Lorenzo fucked her ass before switching off. Then they would double fuck her stretched out pussy, relishing in her screams for mercy as her freshly punished was savagely fucked. For the two sadistic gentleman, it was there way of sealing their bargain. Lorenzo would judge Maria De Avila and the rest of her family guilty of witchcraft and hand them over to the Inqusition, and in exchange, Lorenzo would have access to all the tender and unwilling cunt meat he could want.

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