Broken and servile

May 19, 2017 at 2:07 am, Category: BDSM Art, Hines

Broken and servile
Sergeant Guzman was a man who appreciated white Western girls, especially the pretty young college-aged ones like Brenda and LeeAnn. It was a stroke of luck for him to have intercepted their large group, all refugees, as they had crossed his country’s borders. Sergeant Guzman, along with the rest of the army in which he served, had been given the strictest orders to stop, apprehend and turn back or imprison all Westerners trying to escape the ongoing catastrophe and anarchy that ruined daily life in the States. Be as ruthless as you wish with them, his superiors told him; orders that Guzman took to heart.
Being ruthless came easily to Sergeant Guzman, who after rounding up the intruding group at gunpoint, separated the men and gunned them down. He liked the looks of LeeAnn and Brenda; he liked their large eyes and pretty faces; so that is why he left them standing while disposing of their half-dozen or so frightened, begging female companions. The Sergeant hummed to himself as he marched his two prisoners thru the dense forest; he was already thinking ahead of how he was going to punish them before indulging himself in the pleasures that both these girls would be providing him.

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