Most of the time, Burt was extremely quiet…

July 30, 2018 at 10:38 pm, Category: Badia

Hanging women
Most of the time, Burt was extremely quiet. There were people who worked at the factory who’d known Burt for five years and in that time heard him only say a few sentences at most. But once he was locked in his private room, known to most there as simply “Burt’s Office”, he couldn’t stop talking. Whilst he put women through the most unimaginable pain, he would just talk and talk.
Burt’s method was simple. There were always two girls in his office, sometimes more. He wanted his next victim to see what the previous one went through, as he knew that the fear of suffering could be just as powerful as the suffering itself. Despite the fact none of the girls he worked on spoke English, they all understood what he wanted from them.

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