At the sound of her groan he looked up and ran his eyes up

January 9, 2020 at 11:54 am, Category: 3d, Quoom

At the sound of her groan he looked up and ran his eyes up and down the helpless nudity of her suspended body. He grinned at her in anticipation of the joy he would take in using that body for his sadistic pleasure, then returned to his work, whistling softly. He pulled a leather strap through two loops at the ends of a cable that hung from the bar above her, then loosened the fetter that bound her right ankle. She was ready now. He grabbed her roughly by the waist and pulled her to the right until her hip touched the torture seat. Despite the sweltering heat in the torture chamber, she shivered at his touch as her gaze dropped to the dark metallic, teeth that awaited her. Instinctively she crossed her legs, but weakened by her ordeal she could not resist as he pulled her right leg over to the other side of the seat and fastened her ankle there with a leather strap.
Now the saw teeth were between her thighs, a few centimeters below her open pussy and Shiva could feel their threat as an icy coldness pouring from the metal tips.
“What …. what do you want from me?” She blurted out feverishly in a desperate attempt to gain some time.

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