Just her weight on the iron spikes was agony

January 3, 2020 at 12:04 pm, Category: 3d, Quoom

As soon as Tarib left the tortu2re chamber, Shiva’s resistance began to crumble. She stared at the timer as it ticked with madding inevitability toward the next agonizing shock. She couldn�t take her eyes off the steady march of the black hand. As it neared the fifteen minute mark she stiffened her resolve and prepared her body so as not to let the clock beat her.
But when the electricity hit there was no fighting it. She simply gave in to the pain and screamed. She couldn’t control her body which jerked and shook violently on the horse, each tremor savaging her pussy with the iron teeth.
The periods between the shocks were almost worse than the tortu2re itself. She couldn’t tear her eyes from the clock and the terrible black hand that jumped from minute to minute. She started seeing faces human faces in the clock face: taunting her, laughing at her, counting the minutes along with the hand. Tarib’s, Sayiid’s, even her own.
As the fifteen minutes became three, then two, then one, she started to fight her bonds. It hurt. Just her weight on the iron spikes was agony; when she started to struggle the pain became excruciating. She tried to remain still but the black hand told her she had to escape.
She started screaming even before the current raged through her body, scorching her pussy with a stream of electrons from her nipple and toe. When the electricity stopped her thighs continued to spasm and her vagina convulse. The pain was unrelenting and there was nothing she could do to stop it. All she could do was slump helplessly in the pitiless bondage and wait for the next surge of agonizing current.

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