The henchman walked silently past the helpless girl…

January 18, 2020 at 11:29 am, Category: 3d, Quoom

“Tschkr, Tabil!”
The henchman walked silently past the helpless girl to the cart and reached for the terminals.
The wait was over. Shiva closed her eyes and clenched her teeth until they gnashed, preparing herself for the first taste of her tort2ure.
“Look at me!” The order sounded in clear, almost accent-free English, but Shiva did not think to show him the fear in her eyes, instead purposefully turned her head away from him.
For just a split second, she had felt the coldness of the metal on her skin at her sides right and left of the navel, then the burning pain of the discharge erased all other sensations.
“Look at me!” Her guts were still twitching under the aftermath of the shock when she felt the threat of the cold metal at the base of her spine.
“Fuck you!” she spat at him before the electric current convulsed her body against the leather thongs that bound her.

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