Open your legs, whore

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Naked insurgents
Then he placed his stick on her cunt, lifted it an inch or two, and let it fall with an almost inaudible plop. He did this every few seconds.
“Who puts his cock in here?” he asked.
“My… my partner.”
“Who else?”
“Nobody else.”
“That’s going to stop. You’ll be in here for a month, initially, for political retraining. You’ll take a lot of cock in that time.”
He lifted the stick higher and dropped it onto her clitoris.
“We’re going to teach you discipline and obedience, bitch! You’ll learn to respect a man in uniform, a representative of the State!”
He lifted the stick high and waited a second. The woman closed her legs.
“Open your legs, whore!”
She opened them very slowly. She was breathing fast now.
“Don’t hit me, please!” she begged.

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