This girl screamed long and loud

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Wild west
There was, perhaps, nothing sadder than watching a proud warrior grow old and weak. The mighty warchief Night Thunder was once one of the greatest and most feared of the warriors on the open plains, beyond the reach of the civilized man. But time pressed on to him, as it does all people, and the mighty Night Thunder grew older and weaker. Most warchiefs would simply accept that time passes for all people, and that an end would come, as it does for all. But Night Thunder was not like most. He had heard of the magical powers of the white man from the east, far beyond the plainsland and the open rivers, and of how they seemed to stay younger and healthier longer than the poor savages that he was with.
Night Thunder did not know how these white devils stayed healthy, but all he knew is that he must take some of that magic… even if it was by force!
His wisest and most trusted medicine man urged him to find a youthful, white girl, one who was a virgin and untouched. It must be some ancient vigor which the white man took from his world beyond the big water, and Night Thunder could have it himself if he… “plucked the flower while it was still in the bud.” Night Thunder did not understand the weird and mystifying magic of the white man, but he would do much to regain the youth and vigor of his days of old.

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Warriors are punishing bad girls

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These chicks were very bad sluts and they needed to get some discipline lesson from these warriors to become better in this so old profession. This gallery would make you impressed so much and so fast. Just better take a look at these pictures where knights are tying up hands and legs of slave chicks before caning them, spanking them and doing a lot of other dirty things with them. Examine the whole actions of these punishments.

Men of the past have cruel sex

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damian artwork

People of past centuries used to be far more violent and harsh than modern humans. Let us imagine what wild sex actions were taking place every time a pretty young bitch appeared in the lustful hands of crazy emperors, vicious monks or cruel soldiers! Enjoy the thrilling beauty of drawn bdsm sex. Here you will see every mind-blowing detail from crucifixion and flogging to extreme penetrations beyond the point of any repair. Smell the fear of poor victims and let hot blood throb in your cock ready for dirty use!

Turkish prince and his BDSM harem

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damian bdsm artHorny sheikh plays with girls from his harem, but looks like he’s got too aggressive and rough today. He bounds one of those beautiful Arab girls to the wheel, fucks her throat and whips her madly. She screams as the leather whip leaves red traces on her smooth skin, cutting it apart to make her bleed. Her throat is penetrated by huge and solid sheikh’s dick, and she chokes on it. It’s only the beginning of sexual insanity on those BDSM porn pictures. The Arab prince bounds his wife to the table and fucks her doggystyle, constantly spanking her with his stick.

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