They were screams not only of pain but also of horror

December 28, 2019 at 3:26 pm, Category: 3d, Quoom

She was panting more than breathing, talking was not on the program. If she heard the whip cutting through the air it never registered on her brain. What did was a sharp crack along with the sensation that a hot wire had been laid across her back. She didn’t scream, her mouth opened in shock. It was as though the lash had paralyzed her lungs. But her body seemed to have a mind of its own. Her back arched and she bucked and heaved out of control. She rose on the toes of her left foot and her right leg kicked up at her buttock. The second lash crossed over the first and the tip dug into her armpit. This time she screamed. The whip bit into her flesh again and again. And each time she screamed. They were screams not only of pain but also of horror. She was being whipped. WHIPPED! She had been tortu2red with electricity on the most sensitive parts of her naked body. They had hung her by her ankles and lowered her into a tank of water until her lungs almost burst. They had brutalized her vagina in the most savage ways possible. The pain had been unbearable, had come within an inch of breaking her, but she had held on. She was a spy, knew tortu2re was a risk that came with the job.

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