I want to see in that nice crack between your legs

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Valentina’s story
“So… you want to be a model? Then why don’t you show me? Shake that ass… make me WANT you! Unless you want to be kissed again by the riding crop…” John Zingarelli said, lightly tapping Susan’s pert posterior with the end of the riding whip. Susan let out another muffled whimper from behind the massive ballgag wedged inside her pretty little mouth, but she did as she was told… pumping her body back and forth like she was being fucked by an invisible lover and making her tight, toned ass jiggle invitingly in the dim light. Susan’s pretty little face burned with shame as she did such a lewd and wanton act. This wasn’t what she had in mind when she wanted to be a model. She imagined she’d by lounging poolside, eyed hungrily by poor little poolboys while a photographer snapped her in a tight bikini while she sipped a martini. The thought that, instead of being a pool bunny, she would be a dungeon slave, was too humiliating for her to even contemplate. Tears of absolute humiliation dribbled down her cheeks as Susan kept pumping herself back and forth, jiggling that tight ass to the tune of the invisible lover, fucking her relentlessly under threat of a painful whipping!

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Chinese torments

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For as long as everyone could remember, there had been animosity between the Chinese and their Japanese counterparts. Though they were not currently at war, you could hardly call the relationship “friendly”. But one thing the Chinese government knew they hated much more than anyone was citizens who spoke up against them. In order to increase the “effectiveness” of their police, the Chinese government sent 100 of their agents to Japan on a mission. Their mission was to learn the Japanese art of Shibari – rope tying, bondage. They learned a great deal.
Mei had been caught stealing, the local judge knew that she had hidden her treasure somewhere. To extract the information from her, he asked his most loyal interrogator to try out this new Japanese art. To judge how well it worked, all of the local Judges came to see the interrogation.
There, the woman was stripped, begging, before being tied and hung in the most creative ways. A bucket of water was sometimes thrown at her, or used to dunk her head in. Sometimes she was whipped..
“Please! Let me down! I promise you there is no more!” cried the woman…

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